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Composer, director, music teacher.

Raimon Romaní (Barcelona, 1974) holds a degree in Composition from the professional music conservatories of Terrassa and Badalona, as well as a degree in Orchestra Conducting from the Graduate School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC). His mentors included Salvador Brotons (conducting), Pere Casas (harmony and counterpoint), Miquel Roger and Josep Soler (composition).

He took his first steps in choral conducting under the guidance of Manuel Cabero and he furthered his training and knowledge following the courses organized by the Catalan Federation of Choral Entities (FCEC) as well as the international courses given in Lleida by Pierre Cao, Mireia Barrera, Josep Vila and Lluís Vila. He likewise attended Europa Cantat academies in Mannheim, Fano and Barcelona where he was mentored by the maestros Georg Grün, Hermia Schlichtmann and Gary Graden.

As a horn instrumentalist (professional level), he played with the Catalan Youth Symphony Orchestra (JOSC), conducted by Josep Pons, the Orchestra of Sant Cugat, conducted by Josep Ferré, and the Orchestra of the Catalan Association of Schools of Music (ACEM), conducted by Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo.

He has conducted the Chamber Orchestra of the Garraf and has been assistant conductor of the Orchestra of Young Musicians of the Catalan Communities (OIJPC). He played Carlinhos Pitera’s and Bernat Romaní’s childern’s cantata Giraviu, conducting a children’s choir formed by hundreds of voices at the Auditorium-Congress Centre of Girona, as well as at the Atrium Viladecans and at the Theatre-Auditorium of Sant Cugat in other editions.

He teaches harmony, musical analysis, instrumental ensembles, choral singing and horn at Victòria dels Àngels Municipal School of Music in Sant Cugat del Vallès. He also teaches in other educational institutions in Sant Cugat, such as the Fusió music and dance school and the Europa International School. He has also taught history and analysis of religious music at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona (ISCREB).

He has been conducting choirs since 1994. He offered concerts in Coimbra (Portugal) and Valladolid with Xàldiga choir from the School of Geology of the University of Barcelona. He also conducted the choir of the School of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona, the choir of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Vallès attached to the Technical University of Catalonia, the Trobada choir and the Orfeó de les Corts and the Orfeó Martinenc (choral societies). Since 2003, he has been the conductor of the choir of the School of Biology of the University of Barcelona.

As a composer, the following symphony and choral pieces are worth highlighting: La llegenda de Sant Jordi, performed during Mediaeval Week in Montblanc as well as in other events; Magnificat, premiered in Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with the ensembles of the Victòria dels Àngels Municipal School of Music and the Junges Ensemble Leonhardschöre (2009); as well as the choral works Ave Maria and Cançons de Ciutat, with text by Bernat Romaní. More recently, he has composed the hymn Veni, creator spiritus (2009) and Pastors a Betlem, a cantata commissioned by Camerata Sant Cugat, conducted by Xavier Baulies, with text by Jacint Verdaguer, played at the basilica of Tremp and at the Theatre-Auditorium of Sant Cugat in Christmas 2010.

He has been commissioned by the Symphony Orchestra of Sant Cugat to orchestrate Les cançons de les joguines by Francesc Burrull and Josep M. Espinàs, as well as some traditional songs. He also carried out the concert instrumentation of the cantata Giraviu. He has prepared several arrangements of pieces in different styles to adapt them to the possibilities of the instrumental ensembles of Victòria dels Àngels Municipal School of Music in Sant Cugat del Vallès, as part of his duties as a teacher at the school.